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Unique sound, fun music played superbly , I’ve never seen anyone leave one of their gigs without a smile, love them!

The Sugar Tree started as a Latin inspired band, a multicultural group of talented musicians rooted in the heart of Derbyshire.

​Mixing popular covers of Latin, Jazz, Funk, Pop and Soul, always with their unique twist to make an eclectic mix.

The Sugar Tree bring latin flavour to the party with the spanish singer Kay at the front of the band. The band also has English and Italian roots,  and another spanish member on percussion and saxophone, which adds an international and unique personality to the music they perform.

Their repertoire is eclectic to say the least, covering classic acts such as Van Morrison, Eric Clapton or Queen and other artists like Jamiroqui, Bob Marley, Shakira, Santana, Gloria Stefan and even Tina Turner and Diana Ross,  always with their own unique twist.

The Sugar Tree can offer different line ups to suit any event or party. From a simple acoustic guitar duo, to a trio with percussion and sax, or full electric band. The full band can include vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, saxophone and drums.